ANN: Latex and Markdown versions of the VTK textbook

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ANN: Latex and Markdown versions of the VTK textbook

Bill Lorensen

We have been busy converting the current online PDF version of the VTK
Textbook. The two efforts include a Latex version led by Andrew
Maclean and a markdown version led by Bill Lorensen. Will
Schroeder provided encouragement and a high-resolution PDF of the
textbook. Bernhard Meehan provided us with Latex versions for most of
the 155 equations. Jon Haitz Legarreta helped with Latex formatting.

The two versions serve two different goals. The Latex version is
duplicating the original text that was written using Adobe's
Framemaker. The goal is to produce a version with links to figures,
references, equations, examples, etc. Figures that exist in the
VTKExamples are kept up-to-date.  Hopefully, by using a more familiar
format (Latex), this version will serve as a base for community
updates and future versions of the text.

The Markdown version is an interactive, platform friendly version of
the book. The entire text is available as a  Chapter by Chapter web
site. The figures that exist as VTK Examples are linked to the nightly
output of the regression testing. Also, all vtk classes in the text
are linked to the doxygen descripti0on of the class. Example code that
produces book figures links back to the figure in the text. This
allows easy movement from text to examples and back. This version is
smartphone and tablet friendly.

The current version of the Latex textbook is here:

The alpha version of all Chapters of the Markdown text starts here:

A more detailed description of both efforts is here:

If you are on you can follow the VTKExamples at

As always, we welcome positive and constructive comments.



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