ANN: VTKExamples Supports New VTK Module API

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ANN: VTKExamples Supports New VTK Module API

Bill Lorensen
We are pleased to announce that the VTKExamples Project now works with
both the old and new vtk module API. The new VTK Module API is a
complete replacement for the old API.

 The VTKExamples individual examples and CMakeLists files support both
APIs. For example, see this example:

Also, the stand-alone build supports both APIs.


The VTKExamples now require cmake 3.3 or higher.

The VTKExamples will no longer be available as a Remote Module. We
hope to offer it as an External Project in the next month.

Please visit the VTKExamples Project at:

and follow project update at:

Bill and Andrew

Unpaid intern in BillsParadise at noware dot com
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