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Annoincing VTK Designer 1.0.4

Prashanth Udupa
Hello All,

Version 1.0.4 of VTK Designer has been released and uploaded

New Features
1. New Main Window layout.
   The main window has undergone a nice change in appearance.
   The main window now contains "Property Editor", "Pipeline
   Objects", "Thumnail Viewer" in dockable windows.
2. Docked pipeline display.
   You can now see the pipeline's output as you construct it.
   Output of the currently edited window is shown in a dockable
   window. The render window automatically refreshes itself as
   and when changes are made to the pipeline.
3. Unlimited Undo/Redo.
   VTK Designer 1.0.4 makes use of the popular command design
   pattern to support unlimited Undo/Redo of user actions
4. Copy/Paste.
   You can now copy an entire pipeline; or any part of it from
   one pipeline part to another (or the same). You can even copy
   a part or whole of the pipeline between different files.
5. Improved Help System:
   VTK Designer Help System presents the following documents to you
        1. User Manual
        2. Developer Manual
        3. Context Senitive (VTK Classes/Properties) Help

For more information on the latest release; please visit

To find out whats new in VTK Designer 1.0.4, visit

To read the updated user manual of VTK Designer 1.0.4, visit

To download VTK Designer 1.0.4, visit

Best Regards,
Prashanth N Udupa

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