Building VTK with Intel compiler fails due to MotionFX

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Building VTK with Intel compiler fails due to MotionFX

Andreas Buykx-2


I occasionally contribute fixes to issues in VTK. My last contributions were on the 8.2.rc2 branch end of November 2018. Today I tried to build the head of the master to look at another issue, with our current intel compiler (version At first I ran into a problem that  CMake/vtkCompilerPlatformFlags.cmake uses VTK_CMAKE_DIR whereas this was renamed to vtk_cmake_dir some time ago. After I fixed that (it also appears in vtkAndroid.cmake, vtkiOS.cmake and some files under Examples/Build) I encountered the following CMake error:


CMake Error in IO/MotionFX/CMakeLists.txt:

  The compiler feature "cxx_generalized_initializers" is not known to CXX







Looking for the compiler feature string led me to the 3rd party library pegl. I don’t need the vtkIOMotionFX library, so I would either like to exclude it entirely or, I suppose, update the IO/MotionFX/vtk.module CONDITION entry such that it does not get built with the intel compiler(?)


Could someone help me to achieve this?


Thanks a lot!

Andreas Buykx



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