Building vtk 7.0 ubuntu errors

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Building vtk 7.0 ubuntu errors

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In order to build java classes from vtk 7.0, I don't understand why I have this error (do I missed to install some files??) I don't think that I have to edit the V_HexMetric.cpp file with #include <string.h> :

    [67%] Building CXX object ThirdParty/verdict/vtkverdict/CMakeFiles/verdict.dir/V_HexMetric.cpp.o
     /home/dev/Documents/VTK-7.0.0/ThirdParty/verdict/vtkverdict/V_HexMetric.cpp: In function
     ‘void v_hex_quality(int, double (*)[3], unsigned int, HexMetricVals*)’:
     error: ‘memset’ was not declared in this scope
     memset( metric_vals, 0, sizeof(HexMetricVals) );
     make[2]: *** [ThirdParty/verdict/vtkverdict/CMakeFiles/verdict.dir/V_HexMetric.cpp.o] Erreur 1
     make[1]: *** [ThirdParty/verdict/vtkverdict/CMakeFiles/verdict.dir/all] Erreur 2
     make: *** [all] Erreur 2

System: Ubuntu 14

Many thanks