Color settting in vtkParallelCoordinatesRepresentation

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Color settting in vtkParallelCoordinatesRepresentation

Zoltan Kovacs

Dear All,


I try to use the class vtkParallelCoordinatesRepresentation which has the member functions SetLineColor and SetAxisColor for color settings. However, I would like to use a color bar for class vtkParallelCoordinatesView and use the colors from the color bar for coloring the selected lines. I have found the internal array

vtkParallelCoordinatesRepresentation::Internals::Colors[10][3] in the source code of the class  vtkParallelCoordinatesRepresentation which is used for selections in the function UpdatePlotProperties setting the colors for the internal array of the  SelectionActors of the vtkParallelCoordinatesRepresentation but I could not figure out how to use them. Maybe some one knows a way how to set colors for the selected lines. Thank you very much!


Kind regards,


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