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Coloring Voxels

Juan José Aja Fernández
Hi, everyone:

I believe I have a simple question:

I need to use Volume Rendering on an unstructured grid made out of voxels, and I want to color them and set their transparency (by doing something like vtkVoxel->SetOpaque(1, 0, 1, 0.3)).
The problem is that I have a very large number of voxels (> 25 000 ) so using a ColorTransferFunction is out of the question (if there is a way to use a CTF to color each voxel individually, please let me know).

I guess I need to assign an actor to each element but I have no clue as to which data mapper recieves a vtkVoxel as input. Is this the correct/reasonable approach?

if not, how can this be accomplished?



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