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Coloring different contours

Felix Mayr
Dear vtkusers,

I'm trying to set different colors for different contour values. To this
end I'm creating a vtkColorTransferFunction():
        lut = vtkColorTransferFunction()
        # repeated for all the isovalues
        lut.AddRGBPoint(isovalue, r, g, b)
Yielding something like:
vtkColorTransferFunction (0x41a0d10)
   Debug: Off
   Modified Time: 282517
   Reference Count: 1
   Registered Events: (none)
   Alpha: 1
   VectorMode: Component
   VectorComponent: 0
   VectorSize: -1
   IndexedLookup: OFF
   AnnotatedValues: 0 entries.
   Size: 1
   Clamping: On
   Color Space: RGB
   Scale: Linear
   Range: 0.0001 to 0.0001
   AllowDuplicateScalars: 0
   NanColor: 0.5, 0, 0
   BelowRangeColor: (0, 0, 0)
   UseBelowRangeColor: OFF
   ABoveRangeColor: (1, 1, 1)
   UseAboveRangeColor: OFF
     0 X: 0.0001 R: 1 G: 1 B: 1 Sharpness: 0 Midpoint: 0.5

I then use SetLookupTable on a preexisting vtkActor, where the
vtkPolyDataMapper of the pipeline is configured with
SetScalarVisibilityOn. For one color this works great. Unfortunately
once I add a second one, everything gets still colored the same. Does
anyone spot any error?

Felix Mayr
<[hidden email]>
Technical University of Munich, Simulation of Nanosystems for Energy
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