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Compiling VTK with ANGLE


Hey folks,

I am trying to compile VTK with ANGLE on Windows.  (for those who don't know, ANGLE is a GLESv2 and GLESv3 front-end over DirectX).

And I am using VTK in a Qt app.

Since Qt already ships with ANGLE (dll, import library, headers, everything I need), I am trying to use this library (libglesv2.lib) instead of the native opengl32.lib, which loads the native OpenGL driver DLL.

However, I am hitting problems everywhere. 

Doing research on the topic, it appears that someone successfully managed - sort of - to get this going in 2017.

Alas, the suggested patch file to the cmake files no longer seems relevant.

Also, as as late, there seems to be new difficulties with doing this, although the post below is with Linux. 

Has anyone successfully done this before?

Here are my cmake settings:


   OPENGL_opengl_LIBRARY=libGLESv2     (added variable)

   OPENGL_gles3_LIBRARY=libGLESv2  (added variable)

   OPENGL_GLES3_INCLUDE_DIR=C:\Qt\Qt5.11.0\5.11.0\msvc2015_64\include\QtANGLE   (added variable)





Thanks everyone!

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