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Deprecate vtkGeo* classes

Sankhesh Jhaveri-2


There have been some discussions about deprecating a bunch of classes from the vtkGeovisCore and vtkViewsGeovis module owing to the lack of users and maintainers. The tentative list of classes to be deprecated is as follows:

  • vtkGeoAdaptiveArcs
  • vtkGeoAlignedImageRepresentation
  • vtkGeoAlignedImageSource
  • vtkGeoAssignCoordinates
  • vtkGeoFileImageSource
  • vtkGeoFileTerrainSource
  • vtkGeoGlobeSource
  • vtkGeoGraticule
  • vtkGeoImageNode
  • vtkGeoRandomGraphSource
  • vtkGeoSampleArcs
  • vtkGeoSource
  • vtkGeoTerrain
  • vtkGeoTerrain2D
  • vtkGeoTerrainNode
  • vtkGeoTreeNode
  • vtkGeoTreeNodeCache
  • vtkGeoView
  • vtkGeoView2D

The primary reason for deprecation is lack of known users and maintainers.
Please reply to this email if you use these classes and intend to maintain them or if you think they shouldn’t be deprecated.

Thank you!

Sankhesh Jhaveri
Sr. Research & Development Engineer | Kitware | (518) 881-4417

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