Deprecated isosurface extraction in VTK 8 with OpenGL2 support

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Deprecated isosurface extraction in VTK 8 with OpenGL2 support

David E DeMarle via vtkusers
I can perform ray cast isosurface extraction using the following method in
VTK <= 8.0.1 with Legacy OpenGL support. I can visualize the extracted
surface without any issue, everything works perfect.

Now I want to port the same code with VTK 8.1.1 OpenGL2 (3.2) support. In
this version both vtkVolumeRayCastIsosurfaceFunction and
vtkVolumeRayCastMapper classes are deprecated. I have tried vtkContourFilter
instead of using these classes but never worked. How can I achieve the same
output using the new GPU mapper vtkOpenGLGPUVolumeRayCastMapper or

    void IsoExtraction::create(double _iso, vtkImageData* _data)
    p_iso_surf_func = vtkVolumeRayCastIsosurfaceFunction::New();
    p_mapper = vtkVolumeRayCastMapper::New();
    p_mapper->SetVolumeRayCastFunction(p_iso_surf_func); // Set volume ray
cast function
    // … addToLOD (p_mapper)
    // …
    void IsoExtraction::setIsoValue(double _iso)

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