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Help about VTK_DATA_ROOT (python)

Dear VTK Users,

Recently I installed python version of the VTK. I am trying to run the
for my project.
In my project, I am trying to visualize points ( with their
intensity value which varies between 0-1. However, I do not know how to set
up *reader.SetFileName("" + str(VTK_DATA_ROOT) + "/Data/Particles.raw")* .
I tried to set the file name as *reader.SetFileName("")* ,where is the point cloud file,  but the render window shows up and
then disappears suddenly.
I printed the VTK_DATA_ROOT and I got *../../../../VTKData*. I searched the
folder VTKData in my computer but it does not exist. In all other script
examples that input any file, the VTK_DATA_ROOT is used. If I can fix this
issue, I will be able to modify examples for my own files.
Can you please help me about this issue?
I am looking forward to hearing from you


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