How to correctly use vtkDicomImageReader?

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How to correctly use vtkDicomImageReader?

Ana Sandro
Hi everybody,

   I've problems to use vtkDicomImageReader class and I don't know what I'm
doing wrong or what I've to do that I don't.My data are a serie of files
each one containing a different slice of a CT study.There's no problem when
I try to read only one of this files using the SetFileName(const char* fn)
method. But if I try to read all of them stablishing the directory where
they are,using the SetDirectoryName,an error happens:DICOMParser couldn't
parse.So the parser don't recognize my files as dicom ones.
What i want to do is to have the volume formed by all the slices contained
in all the files I have, in order to select later any orientation and any
slice at the selected orientation and visualize that 2D image.
Does someone know what I'm doing wrong?

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