How to put a pixel array into a vtkImageData?

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How to put a pixel array into a vtkImageData?

Jean-Do Barnichon
Dear vtk'ers,

I'm doing 2D texture mapping.
In some cases, i read the image from a file using and the following code
snippet works fine:
    // read image from file
    vtkBMPReader* m_bmpReader = vtkBMPReader::New();

    // get vtkImageData from image
    vtkImageData* m_TextureImage = vtkImageData::New();
    m_TextureImage = m_bmpReader->GetOutput();

    // then set vtkImageData to vtkTexture
    vtkTexture* m_Texture = vtkTexture::New();

In some other cases, the image that i need to use as a texture is not
read from a file, but is directly a pixel array.
Obviously, i could write this pixel array to a bitmap file, and then
read it back from vtk using the above code, but i would much prefer to
avoid that for performance reasons.

What i really want is to put this pixel array into a vtkImageData
object, but so far i didn't succeed.
Any idea??


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