How to restrict vtk widgets movement within DICOM displaying area

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How to restrict vtk widgets movement within DICOM displaying area

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As part of an application for displaying DICOM images in Qt widget
in windows 10, I'm using vtkResliceImageViewer (or vtkImageViewer2), custom
vtkInteractorStyleImage, vtkGenericOpenGLRenderWindow, QVTKOpenGLWidget for
displaying and fitting the images in Qt window.
I also use vtkPlaneWidget, mriVtkLineWidget2 widgets inside the DICOM
It is working properly, but the problem is while initially set the
coordinates for mriVtkLineWidget2 and vtkPlaneWidget objects it's correctly
displaying inside the DICOM image displayed area. But when moving the
widgets with mouse interactions, its rendering outside the
DICOM image rendered area.
My requirement is needed to restrict the widgets movement within the DICOM image displayed
 How can I restrict widgets movement inside DICOM displaying area?

My rendering code is something like this,

    vtkNew <vtkGenericOpenGLRenderWindow> m_openGlRenWin;
    vtkNew <MyVtkInteractionStyleImage> m_InteractorStyleWin;
    vtkNew <vtkResliceImageViewer> m_vtkImViewerWin;
    QScopedPointer <QVTKOpenGLWidget> m_vtkWgtWin;
    vtkNew<vtkPlaneWidget> m_vtkPlaneWid;
    vtkNew <mriVtkLineWidget2> m_Line;


The code is not full, the only relevant part is included.
Actually I need to restrict the widget interaction movements within vtkImageActor(of vtkResliceImageViewer) bounds. Have any default way for this. Or have to do it manually by tracking the widgets coordinates on movement with vtkImageActor bounds?
Please help to restrict the widget movements.
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