IPython GUI setting for "plain" non-blocking vtkRenderWindow?

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IPython GUI setting for "plain" non-blocking vtkRenderWindow?

Hi list,

when using IPython and creating a vtkRenderWindow (and calling
.Render()), python always stops working on Windows. I know that there
are a number of %gui calls in IPython which enable collaboration with a
number of GUI even loops (Qt, wxWidgets...), but vtkRenderWindow does
neither uses Qt nor wxWidgets (but wgl or Win32+OpenGL I believe?)

What would be the trick for a generic vtkRenderWindow? I would like to
use it as a reference for other people to interactively play with VTK
without any dependencies. (By the way, I have tried the tkinter backend
as well for user interfaces, since there is a "%gui tk" for IPython, but
this seems to be unmaintained, is that correct?)



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