If I want to pick cell and point at the same time How do I do? Please.

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If I want to pick cell and point at the same time How do I do? Please.

kitti koonsanit
Dear All
see picture in Attach File

I create   vtkCylinderSource Actor  in vtkcanvas

I use  vtkCellPicker  For  pick   cylinder   Actor    
I use  vtkPointPicker  For pick  both  the end of  cylinder   

    this.addWindowSetObserver(new Observer() {
      public void update(Observable o, Object arg) {
        // Create a cell picker.
          picker = new vtkCellPicker();

        // Now at the end of the pick event call the above function.
        picker.AddObserver("EndPickEvent", Annotate.this"annotatePick");


In source code on top  , I  use only  vtkCellPicker  in in vtkcanvasA

But , If  I  want  to  pick  cell  and  point   at  the same time   and  in   only  vtkcanvas view
(I want pick cell and point  (No  get  point ))

How  do I do? Please.

How  do I add   addWindowSetObserver() command ?


thank you


kitti koonsanit

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