Issue with threads and nvidia driver (linux)

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Issue with threads and nvidia driver (linux)

Marco Morandini
I'm on linux, vtk 6.2 built from sources.

The attached test program works fine on my laptopt (intel graphic with
i915 kernel driver).

However, it does not work on my desktop, with a Titan nvidia card and
the latest nvidia driver (x86_64, 381.09). If I hit the "q" key the
program exits correctly, but I'm not able to rotate the cylinder using
the mouse. Everything works fine, instead, if I call iren->Start() from
main and not from a separate thread.

I'm really clueless, and would really appreciate any help in sorting
this out.

I'm building the program with

g++ -Wall -I $HOME/local/Fenics/include/vtk-6.2 -c -g debug.C -pthread
g++ -Wall -o debug debug.o -L$HOME/local/Fenics/lib -lvtkCommonCore-6.2
-lvtkRenderingCore-6.2 -lvtkCommonExecutionModel-6.2
-lvtkFiltersSources-6.2 -lvtkInteractionStyle-6.2
-lvtkInteractionWidgets-6.2 -lvtkRenderingOpenGL-6.2
-lvtkRenderingVolumeOpenGL-6.2 -lvtkRenderingFreeType-6.2
-lvtkRenderingFreeTypeOpenGL-6.2 -pthread

Thanks in advance,


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