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Hi ,

 I am trying to generate the MPR [Multiplanar reconstructions ] using VTK7.0.
 when i am reading the dicom image using vtkDICOMImageReader.i am getting the data xMax =63,yMax = 63 instead of 512 .
 Since the Row and Column value is 512.

                        dicomImageReader.SetDirectoryName ( dicomImagePath );
                        dicomImageReader.Update ();
                        xyminmax = dicomImageReader.GetOutput ().GetExtent ();
                        xMin = xyminmax[0];
                        xMax = xyminmax[1];
                        yMin = xyminmax[2];
                        yMax = xyminmax[3];
                        zMin = xyminmax[4];
                        zMax = xyminmax[5];
 When i get output data from dicomImageReader it is giving the wrong data. How the VTK is calculating xMax & yMAX   value . Please help me to do it.