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Missing methods in Java generated code

An update:
   Looks like I had a stray reference to an older version of the jar - my apologies.  Still seeing some other odd behavior but will address that in a different post.  


Original message:

Hi - I built vtk 8.1.2 today, and I’m seeing missing methods in the Java generated code. For example in vtkIdTypeArray, the generated class file does not have access to getClassName(), even though it should since that class is an ancestor of vtkObjectBase and that generated class does have that method, and it is public. 

Before leaving work I did a quick comparison to the generated class files from vtk 6.3 and I do not see this problem - vtkIdTypeArray has the getClassName() method visible in the generated class. 

Any thoughts on why these methods are missing?  I’ve seen some chatter about missing methods in some wrappings in the past - wondering if we are seeing something similar. 

Thanks for any help in advance!


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