Non-blocking python prompt for vtkRenderWindow (vtkPython.exe? / Tkinter?)

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Non-blocking python prompt for vtkRenderWindow (vtkPython.exe? / Tkinter?)


since Tkinter is part of python's standard library, and its event-loop
is supported by IPython, it would be nice to interactively play with a
vtkTkRenderWidget in IPython. However, I have not found a working
example. On my machine, the code in
Rendering/Tk/Testing/Python/ crashes in tcl86.dll
when creating the vtkRenderWidget (anaconda's python 3.6, Windows, VTK
7.1.1 - built with TkModule, include path and lib points to anaconda's
stuff and seems to be fine).

Is vtkPython.exe built for a similar purpose? I have not found a way of
creating a renderwindow without blocking the command prompt in



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