Pie chart from vtkDistancePolyDataFilter

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Pie chart from vtkDistancePolyDataFilter

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I need to display distance distribution coming out of vtkDistancePolyDataFilter as a Pie chart.

Here is what I did, but my color distribution do not seems to matching with the colors on the Polydata object.

    numDistanceRanges = 10

#Step0: Create color table for distanceFilter and the PieChart    
    colorTable.SetHueRange(0.667, 0.0)

#Step1: Get the distance values and divide that into 10 ranges and find their percentages
    distanceValues = distanceFilter.GetOutput().GetPointData().GetScalars()
    #Divide the data into ten ranges using numpy histogram   
    dataRanges, data_edges = np.histogram(distanceValues, bins = numDistanceRanges)
    #Find the percentages to display in the PieChart
    totalDataRanges = sum(dataRanges)
    dataRanges = [int(round(val*100/totalDataRanges)) for val in dataRanges]
#Step2: Setup PieChart data with the percent values
    vtkValues = vtk.vtkIntArray()

    for i in range(numDistanceRanges):
        vtkValues.SetTuple1(i, dataRanges[i])

    #Provide the data to the pieChart
    distObj = vtk.vtkDataObject()
#Step3: Setup PieChart colors
    for i in range(numDistanceRanges):
        rgbValue = colorTable.GetTableValue(i)
        pieChartActor.SetPieceColor(i,rgbValue[0], rgbValue[1], rgbValue[2])
        pieChartActor.SetPieceLabel(i, str(dataRanges[i]))

1. When the PieChart says 40% blue, I don't see 40% on the Polydata object from the distanceFilter
2. Not sure if I am setting up the color table and getting the RGB values correctly
3. Is there a better way to create PieChart out of DistanceFilter?


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