Plotting animations of VTK timeseries

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Plotting animations of VTK timeseries

I have an FEM program that ouputs time series of unstructured grid vtk files with file extensions corresponding to the time steps. Currently I use paraview to open and visualize animations generated from the various scalar, vector and tensor data contained within these vtk files. The issue is that in Paraview it is difficult or not possible to visualize 2 or more data animations (based on vtk time series) simultaneously.

In the work I do it will soon become necessary to run dozens of calculations and output dozens of vtk timeseries simultaneously. Each timeseries would contain a hundred or so vtk files and would correspond to an independent Paraview model to look at and analyze.

I would like to figure out whether there is a programmatic way to load up these vtk files, filter them accordingly (applying for example the same data filter) and visualize all animations on one window, perhaps attaching a little tag to each animation so that I know what I'm looking at.

Of course this could be quite demanding on the processor so I'm OK with saving the "batch animation" containing all my different models and visualizing it after the saving is done.

Any ideas on how one may accomplish this? Thanks.