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RE: [vtkusers] vtkImagePlaneWidget on Linux

Dean Inglis
Hi Boris,

can you post this to the vtk bug tracker and upload
the jpgs to your bug report?  There is no way for me
to figure this out since I only have / work on Windows
machines.  Perhaps one of the other developers can
suggest something?


Hi Dean,
Sorry for the delayed response, I was very busy. Here are the jpegs.
correct.jpg is produced on amd64 and the other one on x86. Version of
vtk does not matter.
The test file is*checkout*/Examples/GUI/Tcl/Im


On 1/26/06, Dean Inglis <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi Boris,
> can you provide a tcl test script using data
> from VTKData that illustrates the problem?
> Can you attach jpgs of what you expect and
> what you get instead?  What is going on in
> your upstream pipeline?  Are you reading
> in BigEndian or LittleEndian data? etc.
> Have you set the window/level correctly?
> What is the scalar range of your input image data?
> Dean
> Okay, I lied. It does work on my other amd64 machine (vtk-4.2).
> Also, I forgot to give some details on the problem: the widget does
> show up. All interactions work fine. However, the underlying
> vtkImageData is not rendered correctly and is not updated while moving
> the widget.
> Boris

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