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Goodwin Lawlor
Volker Holzbach wrote:

> Hi,
> I´m trying to read IGES-files into my VTK-View. I already tried the way
> through OpenCascade but, this some times doesn´t work
> and corrupt some 3d information.
> Is there a way to directly read an IGES-file to VTK without using any
> additional librarys or tools?
> kind regard
> Volker Holzbach

Hi Volker,

This has come up before on the list ( ).

IGES is typical used by CAD applications (with different primitives to
VTK) so there is a translation problem along with the format reading

You could try using AutoDesk's "Mechanical Desktop" to import an IGES
file and export a STL file. Unfortunately, vtkSTLReader only reads
triangles and triangle strips though, so polylines and the like will be



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