Reading PVTU files in parallel and getting ghost cell data

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Reading PVTU files in parallel and getting ghost cell data

nikki dakotam

How do I read a .pvtu file in parallel (under the assumption that I have as many ranks as the number of vtu files listed in the summary file .ptvu)?

1. Is there a way to get the names of the .vtu files listed in the summary file?
2. Say I want to make changes to the .ptvu file (and the underlying partitions) for eg. introduce a PCellData Scalar, how can I do that? If there are already a few existing ones, how can I append. 
3. Say I have not saved the ghost nodes. Can I now update my GhostLevel and somehow get the ghost cell data?

Following is the way I am currently using: 
I created a vtkXMLPUnstructuredGridReader, then using that I get GetNumberOfPieces().
Then each rank now creates a vtkXMLUnstructuredGridReader and manually create a filename (say the input filename is abc.pvtu, the listed partition files are of the form abc_0000.vtu etc)
Then I can read the individual files. 


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