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Top VTK Discourse topics for the past week

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If you haven't registered for VTK's Discourse forum yet, here's a summary of this week's top topics posted on

demystifiying color discretization

Proposal to add orientation to vtkImageData- Feedback Wanted

Customize the e-mail template?

Using Discourse as a mailing list 

Unable to build INSTALL using VTK master on Visual Studio 2015 

vtkIOGDAL and vtkIOGeoJSON

Interpolating points and direction along a path in 3D space 

Modularization dashboard cleanup

Scaling tube radius by distance to camera

Free Biomedical Image Analysis and Visualization 3-day Course

segfault for python importing vtk but not for vtkpython

Arbitary Order Lagrange Hexahedron Connectivity

Scroll through 2d slices of 3d volume - ultrasound .mhd file

Unable to build vtkAcceleratorsVTKm with CUDA using VTK Release on Visual Studio 2015 / Windows 10

A good strategy to label a particular point of a vtkPolyData (or display a something near it)

Point data from `vtkProbeFilter` lost after `vtkSelectEnclosedPoints`

removing added texture from actor

How to let vtkScalarBar showing marks for Text Annotation?

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