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Transitioning WikiExamples to gitlab

Bill Lorensen

At Thursday's hack-a-thon we discussed moving the VTK Wiki Examples to
a gitlab wiki. The main advantage is that the gitlab repo would
contain the master copy of the example. Currently the wiki contains
the master copy.

I am experimenting with gitlab's wiki to see what it would take to
transition to gitlab's wiki. There is good news and bad news.

First, look at this page that I created manually:
and compare to the media wiki page:

Good news is that is looks pretty good and the image can be inserted
from the gitlab repo.

Bad news #1: you cannot include a file in a markdown page.
Bad news #2: the name displayed for the markdown page Densifypoints is
not the same as the tree name nor the markdown file name.
Densifypoints versus DensifyPoints.

Bad news #1 can be resolved by programmatically  creating the .md file
in the gitlab wiki. We could create scripts SyncWikiToRepo and
ScrapeRepo. These scripts are similar in intent to what we do now with
the media wiki's SyncRepoToWiki and ScrapeWiki.

Bad news #2 is more troublesome and I don't have a solution. I don't
know why gitlab is converting my camelcase names.

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