VTK 8.2 and deprecation of visual studio 2013

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VTK 8.2 and deprecation of visual studio 2013

David E DeMarle
Hi folks,

A couple of items for the group.

1. I am going to branch for VTK 8.2 on Monday. We'll do release candidates so you can expect 8.2.0 to be out in about a month. I will also put out a VTK 8.1.2 on Monday. This is what is now in the release branch. It has just a couple of fixes in it over 8.1.1.

2. We are going to deprecate Visual Studio 2013 support in 8.2. The reason being that we need the more complete C++11 feature set in VS 2015. 8.2 will still work with VS 2013, you will just get a warning when you configure it with CMake. At some point after the 8.2 branch, VTK master will no longer build with 2013.

You feedback on either item is appreciated.


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