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VTK Dynamic Streaming

Jonas Lukasczyk

Hi everyone,

I got the vtkStreamingExample (https://blog.kitware.com/streaming-in-vtk-time/)  to work, but I'm not able to set the number of timesteps dynamically. This is the logic I have so far:

* I have a temporal streaming source and consumer.
* The source sets the number of timesteps in RequestInformation
* The consumer asks for a timestep in RequestUpdateExtent
* The source produces the requested timestep in RequestData
* The consumer processes the timestep
* The consumer requests another timestep if we did not reach the number of timesteps yet

My problem is that I can not determine the number of timesteps during the RequestInformation calls as this is a dynamic variable that is computed during the RequestData execution of the source. Is there a way I can force an update of "vtk.vtkStreamingDemandDrivenPipeline.TIME_STEPS()" so the consumer knows when to stop requesting data? I know there exist workarounds with field data / multiple outputs and so on, but I wanted to know if there is a cleaner pipeline-based mechanism.

Jonas Lukasczyk
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