VTK plugin is not loaded in QtCreator.

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VTK plugin is not loaded in QtCreator.

Zoltan Kovacs
Hi all,

I have installed VTK 7.1.1 for Qt 5.8 in CentOS 7 with the configuation

~/bin/cmake -G Unix Makefiles -DCMAKE_VERBOSE_MAKEFILE:BOOL=ON

Then the corresponding plugin library libQVTKWidgetPlugin.so was copied
into the plugin directory of QtCreator. However, the QVTKWidet won't
appear in the widget list when I open the UI editor window of QtCreator.
I obtained a libQVTKWidgetPlugin.so file from Trolltech Qt support
persons who also installed VTK 7.7.1 with the same comfiguration
options. I copied this file into plugin directory of Qtcreator and I
could see the QVTKWidger in the widget list of the UI editor window of

Then I checked the objects in both the plugin library files with objdump
and I found that the qt_pluginMetaData and qt_plugin_instance symbols
are missing from my libQVTKWidgetPlugin.so, whereas they can be found in
the plugin library file obtained from Trolltech. Both should be coming
through a file that is generated by moc. I have no idea why these
wouldn't be there. Has any one an idea what went wrong with the
compilation of VTK 7.1.1 in my desktop? Thank you very much!

Kind Regards,

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