Vtk Exodus Reader and Scalar Range

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Vtk Exodus Reader and Scalar Range

Dear All,

I am struggling with the example script attached. I would like to set up the
scalar range for the scalar bar and mapper (I think that I need it for the
mapper as well in order to plot values using correct colours).

The problem is, I don't know how to get the value's data as it is not
located in blocks, but in nodal arrays. Could anyone point me how to get the
range of the loaded data? I was thinking about lookup table, but I am not
sure how this can be done. I do appreciate any help!

I am vtk newbie, so please forgive if I am wrong at any point of my post.

The script file:  vtkTest.py
I am unable to send the .exo file because of it's size (~7mb), so I uploaded
it to Google Drive  LINK


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