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issue with interactor in viewport

Audrey Chan

I currently have two viewports (a left and right viewport) but the interactorstlye for the right viewport isn't working correctly. It should display the labels of the different slices of the pie chart on hover, but the hovering only works in the left viewport. It looks like the "position" of the interactor is off. I attached a screenshot of this issue (this is when my mouse is hovering over the left viewport).


# Set up a 2D scene, add a chart to it

view = vtk.vtkContextView()

chart = vtk.vtkChartPie()


# Add renderer to render window and set viewport



view.GetRenderer().SetViewport(viewport2[0], viewport2[1], viewport2[2], viewport2[3])


# Allow interactive piechart

style = vtk.vtkContextInteractorStyle()



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