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java classpath vtk problem
Hello All

I'm having some issues getting the classpath to work correctly with vtk, I'm using java 1.5.0_05 with Windows XP and a clean build of VTK 4.4.

The ONLY way I can get any vtk java examples to work is the explicitly specify the location of the vtk.jar with the -classpath command line arg like:

java -classpath c:\my_vtk_directory\vti.jar;. Cone

I have added vtk.jar to my CLASSPATH directory, but whenever I run any examples without explicitly specifing the vtk.jar, I get
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: VTKInit      
        at vtk.vtkConeSource.VTKInit(Native Method)                    

I've also tried to load the vtk.jar programatically be setting the System.setProperty("java.class.path", "path to vtk.jar");, but this also just results in the same unsatisfied link error.

Has anyone ever sucessfully used vtk without using the -classpath command line switch? The reason I ask is that I trying to develop an application using vtk, but  an external program actually initialized the java environment and I do not have much control over the actuall command line parameters, so I would really like to get vtk working by just being able to stick the vtk.jar in my classpath.

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