reading 3D RAW images through vtkImageReader

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reading 3D RAW images through vtkImageReader

Andy Bauer

I'm trying to wrap my head around reading in 3D RAW images through the vtkImageReader class and am confused about how it's supposed to work when there are a list of files passed to the reader. I guess the first question is -- should be able to be done at all? 

For a list of 2D RAW images it is required to set the DataExtent in the third direction to be the number of 2D RAW images (e.g. extent[6] = {0, xextent, 0, yxtent, 0, numfiles-1}).  If multiple 3D RAW images can be specified would the extent then look like extent[6] = {0, xextent, 0, yxtent, 0, (zextent+1)*numfiles-1}) ?


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