resample 2 vtkImageDatas?

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resample 2 vtkImageDatas?

Steve Humphries

Hi, VTK users.


I have two series of CT data of one patient acquired in the same session - one is a set of axial slices and the other is a set of coronal slices. The axial series was acquired with the patient on his back and the coronal series was taken with the patient lying face down and the gantry tilted so the acquisition plane was about coronal anatomically. Both series were taken with 3.0mm slice thickness so renderings generated from either alone aren’t that great. I can register the volumes pretty well using bony landmarks and I’m wondering if I could resample both volumes together somehow to get one composite that would give better renderings than either series by itself, hoping that the in-plane resolution from each series would improve the coarse resolution between slices.


I was guessing if I could somehow make an unstructured grid out of the two volumes together maybe I could probe this unstructured grid with a volume. Can someone give me an idea of how to make one unstructured grid from 2 image data volumes? Or, if this isn’t’ the best way to approach a problem like this could someone please offer other suggestions?


Thanks. Any help would be most appreciated.



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