slices of binary images(OCT) volume rendering

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slices of binary images(OCT) volume rendering

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   I got some problem when I did the volume rendering by changing the python example "" at "". The result of what I run with like this.
 The screenshot of what I rendered
  It seemed that the white voxel which had the value 1 only on the four faces of the 640x304x304 cuboid except the bottom and the top faces, which seemed to be only on the surface not the volume.

 But I want the result like this image, which I rendered used the plugin "3D viewer" in ImageJ.

 Is there a problem about the choice of rendering algorithm or some other problems. This is my python code. The .npy file is too large to upload. It there any way to upload, because I think the file can help to solve the problem.

  Thanks a lot for any advice!