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subclassing vtkInteractorStyle

Konrad Sickel

i try to write my own interactor. Therefore i want to subclass the
vtkInteractorStyleTrackballCamera style. I looked in the code of the
other styles and tryed:

class VTK_RENDERING_EXPORT vtkMyInteractorStyleUser : public
    static vtkMyInteractorStyleUser *New();

When i include this class no error happens, but if i want use it:

vtkMyInteractorStyleUser *style = vtkMyInteractorStyleUser::New();
 iren->SetInteractorStyle( style );

i geht an linking error with not resolved symbols:

Cone error LNK2019: Nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol '"public: static
class vtkMyInteractorStyleUser * __cdecl
(?New@vtkMyInteractorStyleUser@@SAPAV1@XZ)', verwiesen in Funktion '_main'

The programm works without problems if a vtk style is used.
vtk 5.0, win xp, visual studio 2003 (7), projekt constructed with cmake 2.2

Thanks for any help and ideas!
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