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vtk axes change x y and z

Hi, I am trying to hide an axis when it is perpendicular to the view plane, i.e., very short on the screen.
It seems that xaxis, yaxis and zaxis change as the camera rotates around the scene.  We've been trying to use the GetOrientation of the camera to know when to hide the x y or z axis, but then the axis names keep changing, so we get random results.

Also, I would like to use the angles calculated to rotate the alignment of the axes labels.  When we do that, the labels get tiny, probably because they are getting scaled to the horizontal text height.  Previous versions posts seem to have this solution, but vtkAxesActor does not give me that method.

axes->GetYAxisCaptionActor2D ()->GetTextActor()->SetTextScaleModeToNone();

Cheers, Adam