vtkCISG non-rigid registration applied to a vtk 3D-surface model

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vtkCISG non-rigid registration applied to a vtk 3D-surface model

Boettcher, Dr. Peter

Unfortunately I can’t get in touch with the vtkCISG-developers. So I hope some of you use vtkICISG and might have a solution to my problem.


After non-rigid registration of two volume data within vtkCISG I would like to transform a VTK 3D-surface model based on the vtkCISG non-rigid transformation matrix. Unfortunately vtkCISG does not have this feature. Does anyone know another program which takes the vtkCISG matrix as input und transforms a 3D-modell? Another way could be to find the transformation procedure within vtkCISG and feed the 3D-surface model as input instead of the volume data. However I do not know which procedure in vtkCISG is responsible for the transformation.


Regards, Peter.

P. Böttcher, Dr med vet, DipECVS
European Veterinary Specialist in Surgery
Klinik für Kleintiere
Universität Leipzig
An den Tierkliniken 23
D-04103 Leipzig (Germany)
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