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Markova Aneta
vtkImageViewer ?

Dear VTK users,

I am novice in the VTK and I am using the code bellow for displaying a slice of a volume.

My question is: Is there a way how to specify the number of the slice and the direction I want to visualize and if not what image viewer than I should be using?

m_readerOutput->SetFileName( "D:\\Data\\Output.mhd" );

m_connectorOutput->SetInput( m_readerOutput->GetOutput() );            


vtkImageViewer *viewer = vtkImageViewer::New();

vtkRenderWindowInteractor *renderWindowInteractor =


viewer->SetupInteractor ( renderWindowInteractor );                    

viewer->SetInput ( m_connectorOutput->GetOutput() );                   


viewer->SetColorWindow( 255 );                                         

viewer->SetColorLevel ( 128 );                                         

viewer->GetRenderWindow()->SetWindowName("Output Image");


Kind regards,


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