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vtkProp3D / Transformation problem

Kai Bestmann
Moin Moin!

My situation: I want to rotate the actor of a 3D-object. Okay thats simple:
I catch the vtkActor of the object and rotate it. First I rotate with
rotateWXYZ but here I got the well-known Gimbal-Lock. But except from that,
it works. When I deselect my object in the renderwindow and select it again,
the transformations are still there (testes by ->GetMatrix()).

Now, I want to solve the Gimbal-Lock so I use the SetUserMatrix(Matrix)
method of vtkProp3D to rotate my Actor. It works fine, no Gimbal-Locks.

But when I deselect the object and select it again all transformation data
is lost and the matrix is the identity matrix again!? Consequence: My object
jumps to its old position.
I tried SetUserTransform but its the same.

My question: How can I hold the transformation data in an actor while using
SetUserMatrix? I looked at the archive but couldnt find an answer.

Hope the problem is traceable for you. Thanks for helping me, bye

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